Every morning I ask myself two questions: Who am I and how can I become who I am? Over the past year, the answer to these questions has been taking a very distinct form and I'm so happy to share my latest transition with you!

You may have known me in my PR & media relations days or maybe as a blogger at Divorce Doula. Maybe we know each other from the school drop off, the dog park or social media. Or maybe we're meeting for the first time *waving hi*  

Following my divorce, I started writing about my experiences with co-parenting, dating, finding love again and blending families in my post-divorce life, The After Wife. I called my blog Divorce Doula and shared my story with friends, who shared it with their friends and so on and so on. Women and men going through their own divorce sought my advice on a variety ofissues, from managing the living arrangements, respectful co-parenting and email etiquette with their ex. I heard from many people going through difficult divorces of their own and although I tried to stay positive, I felt helpless. But I knew that there had to be a better way to divorce:  to put the children ahead of hurt egos, keep out of court and move forward with respect and dignity.

So In 2015, I decided it was time to move on to the next stage in my career arc and retrained as a Certified Divorce Coach (CDC). As a CDC, I want to help men and women confidently and compassionately navigate their divorce journey, overcome the pain, hurt and trauma of "uncoupling." (that could be my tagline: Consciously Uncoupling since 2010 - thanks Gwyneth Paltrow!) That divorce doesn't have to be antagonistic or awful, that although it may be the end of your marriage it can also be the beginning of something wonderful: respectful co-parenting, finding new love and becoming your authentic self. 

Divorce is an opportunity for transition but many people become overwhelmed by the process and emotions that come with the divorce papers. It's been said that divorce should be a legal process with emotional components but it's too often the opposite. Negative emotions like fear, anxiety and uncertainty take their toll and can result in anger, hopelessness and despair. As many divorce lawyers and other divorce professionals will attest, having a divorce coach can help a client identify values and goals, get organized and save time and money by focussing on resolving issues with confidence.

With my new consultancy Transition and Thrive Coaching I want to work with people who are ready to change, take chances and truly live their best lives. To help men and women work through the emotions of a major life transition like divorce with clarity, accountability and creative coping skills. Are you ready to embrace change?  Yeah, you are. Let's talk.